Raoul is Partner at Consulbaja from 2018. His professional practice is mainly focused in Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Condominium Regimes, Contracts, Immigration, Trusts, and filing and obtaining permits and authorizations before the Federal, State, and Municipal authorities.


Jorge is an associate at Consulbaja since 1999. His professional practice in mainly focused in civil, commercial and criminal litigation, as well as Amparo writs, administrative procedures and Arbitration.


Fernando joined Consulbaja in 2017. His professional practice is focused in Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Transactions, Foreign Investment, Immigration, Negotiations, Contracts, Trusts, Condominium Regimes, Acquisition of Hotels and Tourist Real Estate Developments including their representation, compliance and obtaining of permits and licenses before the three levels of government, financial negotiations, implementation of legal strategies for the operation thereof, as well as the creation of all kinds of internal legal documents, HOA, regulations, labor counseling and relationship with unions, etc.


Nadia is an associate in Consulbaja since 2008. Her professional practice is mainly focused in civil, commercial and administrative litigation, as well as in real-estate transactions, including property acquisitions, financing, foreign investment structures and due diligence procedures.


Eunice joined Consulbaja in March 2017. Her professional practice is focused mainly in the representation of investors before the corresponding authorities obtaining authorizations, permits and licenses for development, operation and acquisition of hotels and residential projects. Likewise, she is skilled in corporate matters, incorporation of companies, assemblies and drafting of contracts.


Henia Cisneros joined Consulbaja, S.C., in 2016 as Administrator and she is responsible for strategic planning and development of areas of opportunity for the firm. Henia has over 27 years of professional experience dealing with administration, financial, internal control and corporate matters primarily focused on hospitality and real estate projects in the construction department.


Emilio joined Consulbaja as associate attorney in 2018. His professional practice focuses primarily on Real Estate, Civil, Administrative, Commercial, Criminal, Labor and Agrarian Law. In addition, he is knowledgeable in Constitutional (“Amparo”) procedures.


Heriberto joined Consulbaja as associate attorney since 2018. His professional practice focuses primarily on Civil and Administrative Law, but he is also skilled in drafting contracts. Likewise, he has developed his practice representing clients before several authorities; with the purpose of obtaining authorizations, licenses and permits for development, operation and acquisition of hotels and touristic and residential projects. His experience also includes Constitutional procedures (“Amparo”) and Criminal Law.