Guidelines for the fulfillment of Civil Protection obligations applicable to tourist developments.

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 One of the main obligations that must be complied by any development or tourist complex that provides a service to the public is to have an Internal Civil Protection Unit certified and registered before the National Coordination for Civil Protection and the National System of Civil Protection (“Coordinación Nacional de Protección Civil y Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil”) as well as the corresponding in the State, for the protection of all users and personnel working in such complex.

Such Unit must be trained for its operation by a Multidisciplinary Civil Protection Brigade, which must have the recognition and certification granted by the Undersecretary of Civil Protection in the State of Baja California Sur (“Subsecretaría de Protección Civil en el Estado”).

Now, the Internal Civil Protection Unit is a normative and operative body, whose scope of action in this case is confined to the facilities of a tourist complex and which has the responsibility of developing and directing civil protection actions, as well as to  elaborate, implement and coordinate the appropriate Internal Program, based on the regulations set forth in the National System of Civil Protection (“Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil”) by the Ministry of the Interior (“Secretaría de Gobernación”).

Brigades are intended to contribute to the safeguarding of people, equipment and documents existing inside the buildings occupied by the developments, through the application of actions and specific procedures previously designed, and those brigades that each development must mainly have, are those listed below, which are not limited to, and might be integrated all those that are necessary for the specialized handling of any task such as:

  • Property evacuation
  • First aid
  • Fire prevention and firefighting
  • Search and rescue

It is important to note, that the fact that a development or tourist complex does not have an Internal Civil Protection Unit duly trained by the brigades recognized before State´s Civil Protection Office, can lead to the closure of a property, this because of the constant inspection visits carried out by the State Civil Protection Office through its certified inspectors, in order to verify the existence of such Internal Unit, the skills of the personnel and the adequate material they must have to respond to any contingency that may arise in site.

Finally, it is also important to note that, along with the creation of the Internal Unit of Civil Protection, the tourist development must perform the relevant procedures before the Municipal Civil Protection Office to obtain authorizations, permits and approvals that allow their proper operation and service to the public, since it must be requested before the authority, the certification accrediting it as a verified complex  for the handling of any risk  situation which may occur.


 Note: This document is a summary with disclosure purposes only. For any comments regarding this release, please contact any member or attorney of Consulbaja S.C.




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